Summer Grilling Safety

Summer Grilling Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association, grill fires are common throughout the summer months. A permanent natural gas barbecue can alleviate some of the concerns about portable grills.

//While grilling and outdoor cooking are among the great pleasures of summer, they also pose fire dangers. The months of May, June, July and August are the most active for grill-related fires, with July topping the list.  –  National Fire Protection Association.

Customers should take the following measures when grilling this summer:

  • To ensure that your natural gas line and grill connection are done correctly and in accordance with building requirements, hire a licensed natural gas contractor.
  • All grills require appropriate ventilation and a safe distance from flammable materials. Place your grill at least 10 feet away from flammable materials including siding, eaves, ceilings, porch rails, overhanging branches, and decorative items.
  • When shopping for a barbecue, keep in mind that stationary natural gas and portable propane grills require separate connection equipment.

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