Happy Halloween from MOSAFEGAS

Happy Halloween from MOSAFEGAS

Halloween is almost here!

You know what this means; decorations, costumes and lots of candy! Now did you know that natural gas and oil make your Halloween fun possible?

Many Halloween costumes are made with synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester and spandex. Evan the wigs are made from synthetic fabrics! Those scary masks are also made from latex, which is created from petroleum. Some face makeup and paints are made from the byproducts of natural gas.

Those decorations adorning every home on the block like skeletons, minions, plastic spiders and their webs are made from polymers produced from petroleum and natural gas. Don’t forget about those giant candy bowls!

You may even be surprised that the candy and their wrappers can be derived from petroleum. The colors and waxes that make candy so bright and fun are, too. Even the little plastic pumpkins used to collect all your treats are made possible by natural gas and oil.

All this to say don’t be spooked by natural gas and oil. They’re all around you this Halloween!

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